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John Carter Cash loves honey. He always has, but because of dealing with the ongoing assault of allergy season, he got in the habit of eating local raw honey every day. Over the years, with this daily addition to his regular diet, his allergies have nearly disappeared. Now, the hives on his land mean much more than just better health. They are a nurturing way to help the community and environment.
The hives are in the fields within the forests of Western Central Tennessee, not far from Nashville. The Cabin, which comes from the land of his ancestors in Southwest Virginia, is a rustic structure with logs bearing the date 1848. Natural foods are everywhere for the bees, meaning more local pollen and purer honey, as the bee's food source is not supplemented as much. The Tennessee state tree is the Tulip Poplar, and the forests are abundant with them, as well as sourwood, black cherry, locust, and other flowering native trees.